Good things don't automatically happen.  They require commitment and constancy to purpose on the part of those who want to make a difference for the better in our community. 

For more than 80 years the Grand Rapids YMCA Service Club has been dedicated to the community and its children. The Club's reason for being is to the Grand Rapids YMCA, helping ensure the Y's mission of building Christian principles and fellowship continues to grow stronger.  Through these decades the Club has helped improve young lives and build responsible citizens. 

There's more to life than pursuing a paycheck.  For those who want a stronger sense of self-worth through service to the community, the Grand Rapids YMCA Service Club offers just such an opportunity.

Building strong relationships with fellow Club members is another major benefit of the group.  Getting to know each other comes from working enthusiastically on Club fund raisin projects and enjoying social functions together. 

Developing leadership skills and creating new ways of doing things happen naturally.  Collectively, our progress is measured by the good work we do to sustain the YMCA and its Christian mission.

Are we right for you?  There's one way to find out.  Come be our guest at a Friday lunch.  We encourage you to look us over to see how the Grand Rapids YMCA Service Club can add a new dimension to your life.

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