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White Elephant Sale

Thanks for your Support

2020 Online Auction was a Success

Even though Covid 19 shut down a full-fledged preparation and in-store two-day sale, normally held the last weekend of April, we were able to team-up with for an online sale in August.

We offered 850 items for auction and virtually evening sold. We anticipate being able to donate upwards of $10,000 to Camp Manitou-Lin to help them with scholarships, educational programs and maintaining facilities. Thanks for your support and we look forward to being in contact with you in 2021.

Help Us Support YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin
All White Elephant Sale proceeds over expenses ($50,000 plus over the past pre-Covid-19 years) have directly supported the YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin for capital improvements and scholarships. Our loss of a large in-store sale 2020 meant we were not able to provide the support as in past years. We invite you to join others of us in donating directly to Y Camp Manitou-Lin to help them serve kids in our communities. 


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We anticipate an incredible selection of new and donated merchandise for our massive two-day sale in April 2021, including some of the donations we received before the corona virus shut us down. We will be ready to receive lots of great gems early in the new year. Our sale always includes donations from businesses, establishments, estate sales, etc.

Here is a list of just some things we sell well --- office supplies, clothes, building supplies, books, bicycles, clothes for all ages, furniture, fabric, carpet remnants, tools, stereos and TV’s (working), toys, plumbing fixtures, pictures, hardware, and anything else we can sell.We have a wide enough selection that a recent college grad or newly married couple could outfit their new home or apartment!